Isaax Pixel Designer

Isaac Pixel, a diversely talented strategic graphic designer at Stratcom Branding joined Depot WPF, GLBA Moscow’s Creative Director, Anna Bolshakova in an international exchange program in August 2017.

They both worked on local projects, showing off their talent and learning from the different geographies.

The international exchange program is a massive draw-card for any of the creatives who join Stratcom Branding.

Gail Macleod spoke to him before he left…

“It will be my first time traveling overseas and I am representing Stratcom Branding.”

Creatives on the move!

Johannesburg – Russia, exchange of two creatives. Isaac Phefo from Stratcom glba Johannesburg the first on his way!

Posted by Stratcom Branding on Sunday, 6 August 2017


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